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June 17, 2005

Blog Review: URLGREYHOT and Lorenzo

For my first parenting blog review I have decided to start with one I really like: URLGREYHOT's Parenting Blog.

The author is Michael Angeles, an Information Architect living in Brooklyn, NY.

The blog starts in 2002 when his son Lorenzo is born. His posts from the first few days (scroll down) set the tone for what's a very intimate, private and soft-spoken blog, if you can say that about a blog...

Anyways, most of the entries from the first year are about milestones: the first laugh, the first tooth, crawling, sitting up, standing, walking...

He then talks about sign language, something I'm really looking forward to trying when our upcoming baby will be old enough (I heard you start at 6 or 7 months).

As his son gets older, the posts start to focus more on parenting and less on what the baby is doing. I like his focus on treating the child with respect and compassion...which I learned are mantras of attachment parenting, which he discusses in a few posts on this page

On to my favourite little posts: Better living through candle light, A start page for kids using the web (brilliant idea), To an internet kid, when things aren't ready yet, they're "Loading...", Plick and the last post (can't wait to do storyboarding with my son one day!).

The last post is on Jan 13th 2005, which is a little worrysome. I hope he will continue to blog aobut his parenting adventures and feelings, we sure need more compasisonate voices who are not afraid to share intimate moments.

Posted by patata at June 17, 2005 08:32 PM