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June 25, 2005

La-Z-Boy: the new rocking chair!

So we've been looking for a rocking chair for a while...we went to Lullaby Lane (San Bruno, south of San Francisco) to check out the Canadian Dutaliers that everyone was raving about...and we really didn't like them. We were looking for something that looked like a confortable chair, and would also rock. So we went high-end, and we went to Giggle to check out the NurseryWorks rocker, which is very beautiful but also very expensive and not very confortable at all...ah, designer furniture sometimes...anyways, while we were trying out the chair, this guy who was shopping for baby stuff with his preggo wife told us, in a very secretive manner: "pssst...check out la-z-boys...they're more confortable and cheaper!". To which my ears popped up like antennas...veeery inteeereeestiiinnng...so obviously we went online and looked at the 400 million options they have. Long story short, we are now the (not-so) proud owners of a Pinnacle reclina-rocker la-z-boy. I'm sitting in it as I write this, and let me tell you, it's friggin' comfy! It was hard to find a model that didn't look like a granpa throne or an old lady in Florida chair, but they did have a very large selection. Plus it's not like we have to live with this piece of Americana for the rest of our lives...

Anyways, it's an option!

Posted by patata at June 25, 2005 10:43 AM