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September 19, 2005

The Parenting Blogs I read and How I Read Them All

It seems like everyone in the daddy blogging community these days is linking to everyone else (here, here and here). Not one to resist peer pressure, I wanted to share with you this single link: http://kinja.com/user/peldi

Kinja is a site that allows you to create your own page that aggregates all the blogs you want (in english, it combines them all into a single page, interleaving the posts so that they are in reverse chronological order, in effect making it look like a single blog). BTW, I found out about Kinja from UrlGreyHot, another daddy blogger I reviewed some time ago.

I use my Kinja page above to aggregate parenting blogs only, and is public, so feel free to check it multiple times a day just like I do!

As of today, these are the feeds that I aggregate:

http://www.apparenting.com - Attachment Parenting Blog
http://athomedaddy.blogspot.com - AtHomeDaddy
http://babychic101.com - Baby Chic 101
http://www.becauseimyourfather.com - Because I'm Your Father
http://www.beingdaddy.com - Being Daddy
http://blueroom.typepad.com/daddypad/ - DaddyPad
http://bob.chattablogs.com - beulah land
http://bucksmith.org - The Bunty and Buck Belly Blog
http://www.celebratingcolum.org - Celebrating Colum
http://daddychip.blogspot.com - daddychip
http://daddytypes.com - Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads
http://daddyzine.typepad.com - Daddy Zine
http://www.dadsonthecouch.com/wst_page2.php - Dads on the Couch - The Blog
http://www.dadventure.ca - Welcome to Wind
http://dailyyak.blogspot.com - the Daily Yak
http://falldusk.blogspot.com - Fall Dusk
http://flagrantdisregard.com - flagrantdisregard
http://www.flyingpaperclips.com - flying paperclips
http://www.fulltimefather.com/blog.htm - Full Time Father Blog (weekly, not daily)
http://glendajun.blogspot.com - Jun's Blog
http://www.jangarcia.com - Jan Garcia » my life and everything around it...
http://www.jelyon.com - jelyon.com redirect
http://kellystoetzel.typepad.com/city_baby/ - Big City Baby
http://www.kimthew.com - K I M T H E W
http://www.literarymama.com - Literary Mama: a literary magazine for the maternally inclined
http://www.parmet.net/david/ - Daddy, make a picture
http://www.patatamonkey.com - Patata Monkey
http://www.rebeldad.com - Rebel Dad: The stay-at-home dad revolution, online
http://roughdraft.typepad.com/dotmoms/ - DotMoms
http://thebeansdad.blogspot.com - The Bean's Dad
http://www.thingamababy.com - Thingamababy
http://urlgreyhot.com/personal/taxonomy/term/264 - Parenting blog | urlgreyhot
http://webgoonies.com - WebGoonies.com: Life of a father to be...
http://zayne.megatome.com - The Little Man

I will delete some because I never read them (or I find out that I don't like them as I read more of them), and I am always looking for new ones to add - so please add yours or one you like to the comments below!

Think about Google News but for parenting blogs only. I love it, thanks Kinja!

Posted by patata at September 19, 2005 01:44 AM


I haven't finsihed looking at all of your links, but, I was wondering if you have the time would you list all of the places you or are popular shopping places w/links?

I live in a large city which sadly only has Babies R Us and Baby style, I would love to know about the other options out there.


Posted by: Nikki at September 20, 2005 05:33 AM