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October 01, 2005

An update and a massage

If you are wondering what's going on because we haven't replied to your emails or returned your phone calls...we're ok. No baby yet. Today is a good milestone though, you can now count on your hands the days until the due date.

We haven't replied to email or phone calls because, as any parent can tell you, the last few weeks of pregnancy pretty much suck for the mom-to-be. Back-ache, nausea, bad sleeping patterns, puffy feet and hands, innumerable trips to the bathroom, not to mention the humongous kicking lump she has to carry everywhere she goes...enough to make anyone cranky!

Lucky for me Mariah is still nice to me, though I can imagine it must take some considerable effort on her part... ;)

Anyways, today I got Mariah an in-house, 90-minute-long massage, the least I could do...which brings me to the real reason for this post: if you are looking for a good and very nice certified massage therapist in the San Francisco area that does Shiatsu, Acupressure and Pre & Postnatal Massage, we highly recommend her: her name is Anastasia, and I will give you her phone number if you email me (peldi at peldi dot com).

She charges a "sliding scale", whatever that means. For someone who comes to your house, I found her rate very reasonable.

Oh, and I get a free massage for each two referrals, so do yourself and me a favour and ask me for her phone number! ;)

Posted by patata at October 1, 2005 07:55 PM