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October 05, 2005

No baby yet

We went to the doctor this morning, definitely progress but obviously no baby yet. We set an appointment for Oct 17th ("only" 12 days from now: Mariah, hang in there!) to get induced if Guido Jack doesn't arrive before then (please oh please do!).

The baby craze has definitely started though, we're getting multiple calls a day from friends and relatives asking "is he here yet?".

So, given how uncomfortable and cranky Mariah is (can't blame her, you try and shlop that huge belly around for a while...), I have decided to change our answering machine message to "no baby yet, go to patatamonkey.com for updates" or something like that. I hope our friends (and the many political activits that call us about the california november election) will understand.

Stay tuned and wait with us!

Posted by patata at October 5, 2005 03:24 PM


Hang in there, kids. My missus was going crazy with anticipation at the end too. And just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore - bingo! - a baby.

Good luck! Looking forward to good news soon.

Posted by: Buck Smith at October 5, 2005 09:20 PM