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November 12, 2005

Book Review: Sign With Your Baby

Our friends and awesome source of parenting inspiration Becca and Ozzie sent us a copy of "Sign With Your Baby: How to Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak" by Dr. Joseph Garcia.

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My rating for the book is: good.

Here's what's good about it:

You can buy it by itself or with an instructional video, which I don't have so I can't comment on (but I hear it's good).

Last but definitely not least, I love the book because of the SWEET 'STACHE that the man in the illustrations sports while signing (it turns out that it's Dr.Garcia himself). We're talking full, thick, no compromise, front and center mustache. Wicked. Here's a picture of Dr.Garcia (from his website sign2me.com), but the stylized illustrations in the book somehow make his 'stache even better! :)


I think I will still buy the "Signing Time!" videos at some point, but this is definitely a good starter.

[Ok, I have mustaches on my mind these days because my favourite charity event of 2005 is about to start.]

Posted by patata at November 12, 2005 08:53 AM


So, are you signing with Guido? Our son is being raised bilingual (English & Turkish) and I am trying to sign a few things. I will be really excited if he signs back one day... my cousin says it worked for her.

[Yes we just started signing milk, flowers, more...he should start signing back in a few months..can't wait!]

Posted by: Saskia at May 21, 2006 12:46 PM