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November 19, 2005

Pacifier Video

Here's a new little video of our little one: Guido vs. Pacifier

Now before half of you post horrified comments about how pacifiers are the root of all evil, let me give you our perspective:

- first of all, chill out
- nipple confusion: the little one has been exclusively sucking on M.'s boobs for the first month of his life, and loving it. He knows what it's like and is in no danger of forgetting it at this point.
- pacifier addiction: I fully understand that babies don't cry because they are trying to tell you "I want a pacifier!"...it's usually some other reason. So giving them a pacifier doesn't fix the cause of their crying... So our strategy is to give him a pacifier only when he's hungry (while the boob gets ready or the stored breastmilk gets warmed up to room temperature) OR when he's cranky because he's tired, needs pacifying and he can't find his hand.
- because of how spoiled our baby is with Mariah's nipples, he won't take the bottle easily yet. But he'll suck on the pacifier. So when I want him to suck on the bottle I give him the pacifier, let him suck until he spits it out or it falls out, and quickly replace it with the bottle. His mouth is already in 'sucking mode' and he'll suck on the bottle happily (ok, maybe for just a few minutes, then I have to do the same trick again).
- again, chill out, it's fine. Better to pacify on a piece of silicone than on mom's boobs, right moms? ;)

Posted by patata at November 19, 2005 11:06 AM


I came across an article a while ago on how pacifier use may help prevent SIDS. Your post reminded me of the article, so I thought I'd put the address on here for you. http://www.mymedcenter.com/index.cfm?pt=itemDetail&Item_ID=120091&site_cat_id=107

Posted by: Aly at November 19, 2005 07:00 PM

Well as a mom with a kid who is not pacified by anything but my boobs (at 16 months!!) I say GO paci!! :) Seriously, it does make it so hard on my husband that she won't really take anything but "booby"!

Posted by: tulip at November 19, 2005 07:43 PM

My wife and I have used the pacifier very midly and mostly just to help our baby fall back asleep. When he awakes out in public and he takes onto the pacifier, he sometimes falls right asleep allowing us the time to get to the car for a changing or a feeding.

Posted by: Kevin at November 21, 2005 11:58 AM