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November 12, 2005

Book Review: Trees Make the Best Mobiles

This is a long overdue review of a book that my good friends Drew and Heather gave us for our baby shower: Trees Make the Best Mobiles: Simple Ways to Raise Your Child in a Complex World.

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My rating: must buy. In fact, you should buy 4 copies: one for each side of your bed, one for your bathroom, and one to give to your best friends for their baby shower.

The book is a collection of short (2 to 3 pages) little chapters, so you can read it all at once or use the book as a reference.

Since I'm stupid-tired and can't come up with a good review of my own, you should read the reviews at Amazon.com (skip the bad ones though). Basically it's about how you don't need a ton of toys or to run around like crazy stressing yourself and your baby out. Slow down, live in the moment and let your baby BE.

We love it, and have read it (or parts of it) pretty much continuously since we got it. It has helped us stay calm and our baby is a very peaceful one as a result.

If we know you and you are expecting a child, this is what you'll be getting from us, so don't buy it (I already have 3 extra copies lined up).

Posted by patata at November 12, 2005 11:52 AM