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December 12, 2005

Some more private moments

I have heard that some of you really enjoy the little videos of our life. Well, so far we enjoy sharing them with you! :)

So hare are some more recent ones:
On the changing table, part 1: he loves his changing table.
On the changing table, part 2: the thing he could look at for hours is a painting by Will Tams, our friend and enormously talented painter.
At Christy's Party: one of the two parties GJ went to this week-end. We left because he was fussy, and I though he was overwhelmed by all the people there, but it turned out to be that he was very wet when we got home. Oops!
Happy Birthday Christy! - this little video is Guido Jack's birthday present to our friend Christy. :)
Eating his hand on his chair: yup!
Meeting Nonna Manuela: this is after a 16 hour trip for her...she got a lot more comfortable holding him in the days that followed... ;)
Playing on His Butterfly: thanks Glenda for giving that to us, he loves it!
Tracking The Camera: at one to two months of age, babies will track objects with their eyes, side to side and up and down. Check!

Posted by patata at December 12, 2005 09:18 PM


I am so honored to have such a brilliant, adorable nephew as my most captive audience to date. I wish that everyone that looked at my paintings could be like him!

Posted by: Will Tams at December 18, 2005 07:23 PM