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January 20, 2006

How to soothe a baby? Let me count the ways...

Actually, I have been using one simple technique: counting! Specifically, I recite the multiplication tables as fast as I can to Guido Jack when he cries. It works every time.

uno due tre quattro cinque sei sette otto nove dieci.
due quattro sei otto dieci dodici quattordici sedici diciotto venti.
tre sei nove ...

you get the idea. It's verbal diarrhea for him, which confuses him and conforts him I guess...I have been doing this so many times now that I think he's starting to memorize them (which should come handy in a few years...) ;)

It also keeps my mind young and busy on something other than his crying. Sometimes if I get to 100 and he hasn't stopped crying I start over. Once in a long car-ride in which he seemed inconsolable I started trying to recite them backwards, which I gotta tell you, it's Bucking HARD! (yes, we have started to say Buck! around here. I think it's really funny.) Anyways, it worked and put him to sleep eventually.

Guido Jack is 3 months old now, but my friend Chris has started doing the same with his 5 weeks old and says it works like a charm.

So there you have it! Math saves the day again. :)

Posted by patata at January 20, 2006 08:51 PM