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April 02, 2006

A Dozen more Videos

Somehow pictures just don't do our baby justice these days...we find our selves shooting a lot more short videos instead.

Here's a fresh batch:
- playing - we were trying to get different views of his big head, but his eyes just LOVE to follow the camera...oh well.
- Finger-Sucker - Mariah was trying to get a shot of her view of the baby after she breastfeeds him (she assures it's priceless). Again, he spotted the camera...
- Sitting up - sitting up by himself like a big boy...but not for too long! ;)
- Daytime baking - blowing rasberries...screaming...baking...FUN!
- Falling Asleep - we love how his arms relaxing always wake him up a little...so peaceful
- His Favorite toy - ok so this toy I made might not look very good, but he likes it! It's water, olive oil and a baby carrot in a baby bottle. The oil was not supposed to mix with the water (for a "lava-lamp" effect), but for some reason it did and now the water just looks yellowish...yuck. Guido doesn't mind...
- Excersaucer madness - one moment he's playing peacefully, the next he goes nuts! Awesome.
- Cute-issimo! - we love our bug.
- Space Cadet - a tired bug spacing out in his excersaucer.
- Breakfast fun - with Gabe at a diner in the Mission
- Street Patrol - Guido Jack loves to look at the street and the train and the dogs and the trees and the birds...watch out for the surprise ending! (no worries, he's fine)


Posted by patata at April 2, 2006 12:13 PM


Blowing Rasberries tooo cute :D

Posted by: Jigme Chhimi & Tabitha at April 2, 2006 04:07 PM