October 01, 2005

An update and a massage

If you are wondering what's going on because we haven't replied to your emails or returned your phone calls...we're ok. No baby yet. Today is a good milestone though, you can now count on your hands the days until the due date.

We haven't replied to email or phone calls because, as any parent can tell you, the last few weeks of pregnancy pretty much suck for the mom-to-be. Back-ache, nausea, bad sleeping patterns, puffy feet and hands, innumerable trips to the bathroom, not to mention the humongous kicking lump she has to carry everywhere she goes...enough to make anyone cranky!

Lucky for me Mariah is still nice to me, though I can imagine it must take some considerable effort on her part... ;)

Anyways, today I got Mariah an in-house, 90-minute-long massage, the least I could do...which brings me to the real reason for this post: if you are looking for a good and very nice certified massage therapist in the San Francisco area that does Shiatsu, Acupressure and Pre & Postnatal Massage, we highly recommend her: her name is Anastasia, and I will give you her phone number if you email me (peldi at peldi dot com).

She charges a "sliding scale", whatever that means. For someone who comes to your house, I found her rate very reasonable.

Oh, and I get a free massage for each two referrals, so do yourself and me a favour and ask me for her phone number! ;)

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September 20, 2005

Introducing...PatataMonkey Fashion!

What better way to express what you have learned during 9 months of pregnancy than putting it on a baby shirt or preggo tank-top?


Introducing...the PatataMonkey Online Store at CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/patatamonkey

New shirts added every day!

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September 14, 2005

Getting ready

Our house has definitely started filling up with baby stuff! We had an awesome shower last week-end (thanks Carly, you're the best!). Our friends are so incredibly talented, we got so many hand-made items...this baby is one lucky guy.

Today we went to CityKids and stocked UP! A changing table, a boppy, bedding for the crib, car-seat attachment, cloth diapers, wipes, I forget what else...let me tell you, wherever you turn there are reminders that there's going to be a baby here soon! Holy crap! ;)

Anyways, just an update I guess...Mariah is doing well, as with everything else, she's doing things "by the book". I'm so proud of her. Also, she's definitely eating for two these days...very fun to watch! :)

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September 09, 2005

Gecko, Cameleon and the death of Bugaboo

So we have an orange Bugaboo Frog stroller. I know, I'm a little embarassed about it, but I still think it's a great product: Bugaboo managed to build a product that is functional, light, beautiful, and appeals both to men and women. It's also expensive, but, judging by how many you see around, it seems like the price was just right. In other words, Bugaboo hit the jackpot with the Frog.

So what did Bugaboo do? They got greedy. The Frog is soon to be retired (no-one sells it any more, at least in San Francisco), and it's being replaced by two models: the Gecko and the Cameleon (see them both at bugaboo.com).

In short, the Gecko is like the Frog but a little smaller, a little cheaper (50 bucks, $679 instead of $729), without the (essential!) bar over the seat, and not so good looking (check out the bassinet option, with the metal and straps showing...yuck). If the Frog never existed, I don't think I would have bought this stroller. It's just not quite there.... It seems like Bugaboo really wants you to buy a Cameleon instead.

As for the Cameleon, it's like a Frog, but even bulkier; you can customize its colors, it has an adjustable-height handle bar and shock absorbers with 5 different settings (because I need that...). Oh, and it's something like $150 more than the frog (at $879, that's getting close to $1K!). Again, this seems to miss the target. ONLY movie stars will buy the Cameleon, or you'll be seen as a movie-star wannabe, talk about embarassing...

Sooo...at the risk of alienating all my new daddytypes visitors, I'm going to go ahead and say it: Bugaboo is making a huge mistake with the Gecko and the Cameleon.

Thanks to Liz at Lavish for warning us about the imminent retiring of the Frog, we got ours just in time!

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August 08, 2005

Cribs and Craigslist

This might be obvious to many of you, but Craigslist is a great site to find baby stuff on the cheap. We just bought a crib (a "Pali", italian design, yeah!) with mattress and underwater-creatures settings for $200 from this nice family near Santa Cruz (we picked it up on the way to dinner there). It's in great conditions, and buying the same stuff new would have cost us around $600.

So if you're like us and don't have older siblings nearby that can give you all their used stuff, do it the craigslist way!

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July 25, 2005

Why are gates so ugly?

Although we won't need a gate for our baby until he starts walking (more than a year from now I guess), we decided to buy one for when our friends with toddlers come over (more on that later).

I went to citykids, where they had a very good selection, but I was really uninpressed with the choices. Some were very expensive for no apparent reason, some were bulky plasticky ugly, some were super-heavy...wood gate with an iron frame painted to look like wood, yuck!

Anyways, I was ready to give up when, in the corner, I noticed some smaller boxes...and found what I liked.


Extra-Wide Soft Gate by evenflo

Sold at Amazon for $39.99, it's nice and soft, it requires no screws, and it's low enough to go over it, so no need to move it at all. It looks pretty nice too I though.

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June 27, 2005

ModernSeed is having a SALE!

ModernSeed is having a sale until June 30th. They have a ton of nice stuff way cheaper than it would be. Mariah and I drove there (it's on Oakland) on Saturday and picked up a nice coffee table for $50 (regular price $139). Sweet!

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June 25, 2005

La-Z-Boy: the new rocking chair!

So we've been looking for a rocking chair for a while...we went to Lullaby Lane (San Bruno, south of San Francisco) to check out the Canadian Dutaliers that everyone was raving about...and we really didn't like them. We were looking for something that looked like a confortable chair, and would also rock. So we went high-end, and we went to Giggle to check out the NurseryWorks rocker, which is very beautiful but also very expensive and not very confortable at all...ah, designer furniture sometimes...anyways, while we were trying out the chair, this guy who was shopping for baby stuff with his preggo wife told us, in a very secretive manner: "pssst...check out la-z-boys...they're more confortable and cheaper!". To which my ears popped up like antennas...veeery inteeereeestiiinnng...so obviously we went online and looked at the 400 million options they have. Long story short, we are now the (not-so) proud owners of a Pinnacle reclina-rocker la-z-boy. I'm sitting in it as I write this, and let me tell you, it's friggin' comfy! It was hard to find a model that didn't look like a granpa throne or an old lady in Florida chair, but they did have a very large selection. Plus it's not like we have to live with this piece of Americana for the rest of our lives...

Anyways, it's an option!

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June 18, 2005

Skip-Hop diaper bags on sale at Giggle, SF

Today Mariah and I went out and bought our first baby-related item! It's a Skip-Hop Duo Diaper Bag in brown corduroy. It's pretty sweet, it's got a ton of pockets and the corduroy is super-stylish, plus brown is my new favorite color these days.

We are still looking for a rocking chair, and went to this store called Giggle in the Marina in San Francisco (brrr, the Marina always gives us shivers...). Anyways, the chair we wanted to look at (the NurseryWorks Rocker) is not so comfortable, the back is too short and the whole thing is too low (not easy to get out of it once you're in it). It's really pretty though...compared to the other gliders we've seen, yuck!

So we looked around the store and found the skip-hops on sale for $41.00 (50% off). They have a bunch of colors and fabrics...so if you're in SF and are looking for a Diaper-Bag, go get one at Gigggle now!

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June 17, 2005

Childbirth preparation classes

We just signed up for the ChildBirth Preparation and Infant CPR, Breastfeeding and Netborn Care classes at BirthU.com.

Our doctor recommended them to us, and they seemed like they knew their stuff on the phone (they've been doing it for 12 years...).

At $450 a couple, this must be a pretty good business to be in! Let's do the math shall we? They offer the classes twice a month, with on average 15 couples in the evening sessions and 20 in the saturday sessions. That's 35 couples a month spending $450...that's $15,750 a month, or $189.000 a year. Now even if 1/2 of that goes to taxes and another 1/3 of what's left goes to cost, that's a $63,000 NET a year job in which you work only 4 days a month. Not too shabby! ;)

More power to them, we'll report on the actual classes in August after we take them.

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